To build adequate and efficient Services in diverse range of products and Maintenance services through intensive and extensive network of employees, licensed agents and Partners worldwide.

To apply  qualitative technical methods via innovative calculation positioned towards unraveling procurements problems in Oil & Gas Industry.


Ritaxia Oil & Gas Nigeria Limited is an indigenous private Limited Liability  Company incorporated under the Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, with Registration No. RC 857931 with its Corporate Head Office at No. 57 East West Road, Port Harcourt. Rivers State.

It has branches in Lagos, Warri, Owerri and with Business Partners in Korea, Japan and UK. A Holding Company with investments in Oil & Gas field and energy sector.

Ritaxia Oil & Gas Nigeria Limited is Registered with the Department of Petroleum Resources DPR Registration Number:   DPR/PHC/No.1001306. With Permit No. PR.00678

Ritaxia Oil & Gas Provides complete Industrial Controls and Supplies in Instrumentation, Mechanical, Electrical and Constructions works.

Ritaxia Oil & Gas supplies a wide range of materials to Oil & Gas Industries channeled towards providing solutions anchored to every particular company needs. General Engineering works in Oil & Gas and Maintenance Services.
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